Look Both Ways for Reproductive Health – One of my passions!

Reading Dr. Betsy Cairo’s textbook Reproductive Health – The Biology, Psychology and Sociology of Sexuality is mind-blowing! So much to learn!  Everything from gender issues to Polyamorous relationships to sexual dysfunction is covered and NOT just for the heterosexual person!  It’s well written and incredibly informative.

What’s really encouraging is that the textbook could truly help young people who are just learning about sexuality and gender issues as they themselves are experiencing such things!  Of course that would be IF the book was used in the classroom.   If your child is in a Sex Ed/Health class be sure to check out their course syllabus for things like..

  • Sexuality as we grow and age
  • Gestation and birthing
  • Mind games we play with love and commitment
  • Sexual Taboos, attitudes and behaviors
  • Gender roles and variations in development of those roles

If you’re not seeing these kinds of topics covered then your student is missing out on sooo much helpful information!  Dr. Cairo has a non-profit organization called Look Both Ways for Reproductive Health (http://www.lkbthwys.org/) where you can get even more information on her curriculum as well as other resources that are available.

You may dread the thought of having to discuss sex with your son/daughter but imagine how much more fun you will have when they are in a sexually active relationship and become pregnant or contract an STD.  Believe me…if I’d had Betsy Cairo’s textbook before I was the victim of a date rape at age 18, the next 15 – 20 years would have been far better for everyone involved!

Oh and, by the way, thinking that your child will not be engaging in sexual activities before they are married shouldn’t make this decision for you.  Even if they DO refrain from sexual activity before marriage (and in spite of all their hormones!) they will be much more likely to enjoy a healthy relationship if they understand the topics Dr. Cairo’s course presents.




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