On this page you’ll find links to poetry.
Some from Chrys, some from other people.
If anything connects with you, please tell me why!

Today I’ve been reading Daniel Ladinsky’s translations of the poetry of Hafiz, a Sufi Master from the 14th century.  Since my husband keeps threatening to teach me how to do algebra I am putting in a link for a poem entitled “Lousy at Math”.  The poem resonates on so many levels!  Tell me what you think of it!

The poem in the link beneath is entitled Ocean of Joy.  Click on the link to view it and remember to let me know what you think of it.


This poem was inspired by a crack in the wall of an apartment building next to a  little tapas bar in Denver, CO.  The building had once been strong and beautiful, but now it was beginning to crumble.  We all crumble sometimes.  Do you have a story of a time when your facade was slipping?

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