You Can Get Through It…

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Inspiring Stories of Women Who
Overcame Their Obstacles

Richard Rohr, in his wonderful book “The Naked Now” (Crossroad Publishing Company 2009) says “Remember always… that, if you do not transform your pain, you will surely transmit it to those around you…”  

This page is intended to be a place where we can tell our stories in order to transform them, gain healing and get THROUGH them.

If you have a story you need told, contact me…please!  Together we can tell it in a way that acknowledges your pain and proclaims the transformation in your life.  Scroll down to see the stories I’ve accumulated so far and be looking for the book version of “You Can Get Through It” scheduled for publication in 2016.

But I Didn’t Want Ice Cream – A Story of Healing from Date Rape

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